Cocklebur Camp

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Camp - 5712 Kingston Ave

Odessa, Texas 79762

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Chuckwagon Cooking and Chuckwagon Feeds 


Sam Howell II - Head Cook

Sarah Howell Mazur — Hoodlum

Gayle Cross - Hooligan

JD Cross—Hooligan

Wendell Barber - Blacksmith 1997 - 2006

Wade Howell - Historian  1921 –2013     







In 1899, at the age of 13, H.B Howell worked his first cattle drive from Alpine, Texas to the new railhead in Sweetwater, Texas. H.B. was a very early settler in Lynn County, Texas arriving around 1901. He worked on ranches around the Lynn County area and later purchased a wagon and team and began hauling freight from the railhead in Big Spring, Texas to the new town of Tahoka, Texas. He became a rancher, cattle feeder, and farmer after the railroad came to town. He continued to ranch on his own on land and land lease from the T-Bar Ranch. His son S.W. and his grandson, Sam, found the allure of the old days in chuckwagon cooking. S.W. grew up farming behind a team and hauling grain and cotton in a wagon. Sam did some farming in the 70's but his real love is cooking. Sam started dutchoven cooking at the age of 12 in the Boy Scouts and has never quit. The Cocklebur Camp wagon is a "STANDARD" with F.W.W. Flint Michigan on the hubs. The Flint Wagons Works in Flint, Michigan started in 1882. Click here for more history on the Flint Wagon Works. The plant started producing Buick and Chevrolet autos in 1903 and 1914 respectively.. This wagon started its life as a farm and grain wagon before S.W. converted it to a chuckwagon. The Cocklebur Camp could have been anywhere along the trail but ours is headquartered in Skeen, Texas. Skeen, Texas is a town of the past just like the cattledrives. It was once a community on the now abandoned Santa Fe Railroad running from Slaton, Texas to Lamesa, Texas.

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 Cocklebur Camp is a member of the American Chuck Wagon Association.


Cocklebur Camp is deeply saddened with the passing of Wendell Barber. Wendell was an original member of the cooking crew and will be truly missed.  Click here for his Eulogy.